The cost to register your team is $1750 with a payment plan that gives your team up to 6 weeks to pay after an initial $500 deposit. If you decide to pay in full your team fee will only be $1650.

Your team will receive 14 guaranteed games and the chance for playoff games. Total amount of games possible for your team to play in the season is 16 games.

There is no limit to the amount of players your team can have but we do only provide you with 18 free uniforms when you sign your team up. You are required to purchase any extra uniforms needed.

Games are 90 minutes long. Two 45 minute halves.

The Fc Soccer League currently uses different high schools in the Santa Rosa area. You can see the up to date list of fields that are used as well as the corresponding address by going on to our Fc Soccer League section and scrolling down to the area titled “Field Information.”

The Field size will vary depending on the school or park that is used but will also fall under an approved regulation size.

Our men’s open divisions are recommended for ages 18+. The minimum age to participate in the league is 16 years of age and this would require for a waiver to be signed by the parent or guardian of the player.

The champions of the league will receive a trophy, 18 t-shirts, and one free season.

It is a requirement for a team to all have matching uniforms. When you sign up you receive 18 free jerseys and shorts with a number and we highly recommend that your team get a 2nd team uniform to avoid forfeiting a game due to another team having a similar color. After the 3rd week every player must match with the same jersey, shorts, and socks. There is no exception for this, if a referee notices or is informed by the other team that a player is not matching with his teammates, the player will be required to get off of the field and put on the appropriate uniform.

The league starts in mid April for summer, end of August for fall, and beginning of January for winter.

During the summer and fall the league is played on Sundays. Games start at 9am and can go all the way until 6pm. In case there is rain approaching in the fall season games can end up moving to turf fields.

During the winter season games are played on turf fields only with games taking place on Sundays with occasional night games during weekdays or Saturdays.

The first games start at 9am and depending on the amount of teams in your division the last game would be at 3pm

If you do not have a team and are looking to play, you can sign up on our “find me a team” section and we will do our best to place you on a team.

Once you sign up you will be shown our catalog and you will be able to choose any uniform you like, with the exception of choosing one that another team has already picked.